A 25-city tour featuring Emmy-Award Winning ABC Chief Science Editor, Dr. Michael Guillen.

In the making for 12 years, The Truth Tour will soon premiere across the United States, targeting young adults in a new conversation about science and Christianity.

Dr. Michael Guillen earned a PhD in physics, math, and astronomy from Cornell University and taught physics at Harvard University. He is also an Emmy-winning science journalist, a best-selling author, and a riveting speaker. He is known and trusted by millions who watched him on Good Morning America, 20/20, Nightline and World News Tonight on ABC News for fourteen years (1988-2002); on Where Did It Come From? on The History Channel; and presently on Fox News, Fox Business, and

Using rich, projected visuals and lighting, the tour will fill warehouse spaces, classic theaters and dynamic event spaces. The talking tour will feature science experiments, video and a Q&A. 

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